SONESSE® 40 RTS 404S2 – 1001636


Quiet and Strong

The Sonesse® 40 range is putting window coverings in motion with quiet precision. Ideal for variety of interior window covering applications.


Comfort & Convenience

  • Convenient solution for glare reduction and privacy.
  • Superior performance, reliability and ease of operation.
  • Close and open all window treatments with a single gesture.
  • Smartphone and tablet app availble for quick and easy control even while away.


  • At the office or at home, silence is a key factor for well being. The Sonesse® range offers an added value of acoustic performance to quality and compatibility.

Energy Savings

  • Reduce energy costs and protect furnishings from damaging UV rays.
  • Utilize timers to schedule daily open and close times.
  • Add sensors that react to the sun’s intensity & positioning.

Quiet and Strong

Wide range of solutions
– Great for interior as well as exterior applications, residential or commercial markets, RTS, wired and RS485 integrated network options.
Simplified fabrication and installation
– Compatible with leading industry hardware solutions.
Streamlined programming
Superior quality
– Backed by 5 year warranty.
  • Nominal Voltage / Frequency : 120 V / 60 Hz
  • Radio Frequency : 433,42 MHz
  • Protection Index : IP44
  • Insulation class : Class I
  • Torque : 4 Nm
  • Speed : 36 Rpm