Describe ‘’Home Motion’’?

The concept of Konzept’s ‘’Home Motion’’ is linked to automation engineering that allows the motors coordinate with rolling shutters, shades, blinds, awnings or projection screens. The controlling mechanism of the motors works automatically in coordination with your window treatments to power the openings in a home. The plus point is the automatic devices can be programmed beforehand according to the various times of the day so that the window treatments react to varying weather conditions for creating a smart home automation ambience. Needless to say, you don’t need to keep a track of when to pull your shutters up or down as it’s taken care of by ‘’Home Motion’’ technology.

How is Home Automation different than Home Motion?

Technology has helped the society to enter into a new era of reliability, uses and automation. Konzept Home Motion involves motorization powered by remote controls for the both exterior and interior window covering whether at home or office, or anywhere. There is no need for costly building operations since Konzept Radio Technology has helped to accelerate home automation installation without hassles. Since home automation is a costly affair, Konzept ensures a viable home automation system. You are assured of long-term added values for your properties with full interior window coverings, security systems, AV features, etc.

What is the difference between a radio system and a wired control system?

A radio system differs from a wired control system in that the former works on radio frequency, while the latter is regulated by electric motors. There is no electric system, wiring and controls involved in a radio system. The commands travel by the transmission of radio waves. Unlike any wired control system, a radio system has no wires included. You can control the radio shutters from a distance up to 65 feet, which means you can control the system from the next room through a wall. This is a neat and trouble-free solution with simple procedures for installation.

On the other hand, a wired system is connected with wires, thus helping to control the motors through the power of current. In this system, the motor is fixed near the rolling shutters to ensure a smooth home automation solution. Note this that Konzept aids in upgrading any wired system to a radio installation system easily.

What are pros of motorizing exterior solar screens?

Life is made simpler with technology. You can regulate the closing and opening of shutters or awnings at home with a remote control. Thus, the idea of motorizing exterior solar screens has taken the customers by storm with its power to protect furnishings or control glare of the sun in a jiffy. No wonder, motorized exterior solar screens are becoming hugely popular in the market because of its advantages of convenient living. Adjust the position of the shutters or screens with a Konzept remote control, sun sensor and timer.

What type of home products are powered by Konzept Automation?

Draperies, retraceable awnings, projection screens, blinds, shades, garage door screens, any other roll-up products.

What are the products Distributed by Konzept Automation?

Konzept is an expertise in Distributing home automation devices and tubular motors to power window coverings and the different opening in home or offices. After the motors and remote controlled devices are produced, they are supplied to industrial firms where they are assembled with retraceable awnings, shades, shutters, blinds, etc.

Note: Konzept does not manufacture retraceable awnings, drapes, blinds, shades, etc., such items are powered by the company’s motors and motorized devices.

Is it required to replace the windows at home or in any building before installing motorized rolling shutters?

No! Konzept carries out the installation procedures with flair and ease for both new and existing homes, thus bringing home automation solutions without any scope of error.

Are all types of rolling shutters be motorized?

With the progress of technology, it is feasible to motorize and automate almost all types of new and existing rolling shutters.

Why you need to motorize the retraceable awning?

Motorizing retraceable awning saves your time and energy. It means you can choose between shade and sunshine with the press of a button of your remote control. How about gaining additional space for friends and families with motorized awning? Sounds amazing! After all, motorized awning and shutters define a smart living of your choice without any compromises.

Pull the shutters down when the sun is at its peak, or during a storm. When the awning retracts with the press of a button, the fabrics get protected from sun glare that ensures its colour retention and longevity. As you know, smooth operations tend to last longer with all features intact. At nightfall, control light at your patio deck by pulling the awning with a remote control. Thus, the need to motorize retraceable awning is umpteen and significant.

Can all types of retraceable awnings be motorized?

Yes, it can be motorized. To name in particular, Konzept motors and controls can be included in all types of outdoor awnings, from the sophisticated cassette models to any type of retraceable awning.

Who should I contact if the Exterior/Interior motorized covering or projection screen stops functioning?

Contact the customer care office of Konzept Automation at 1888-779-7731  You can try calling the company or dealer of your installed system. However, contacting Konzept Automation directly saves you time and any kind of hassle by providing you the proper information and supply of service and product to you.

How do I alter the position of my exterior solar screen?

The answer is simple. Do press the “My’’ button on the remote control to put the screen blind to your desired position. To attain a favourite position, press and hold the button on your remote control for long to let the screen move a little downward.

What is RTS?

RTS or Radio Technology  is a wireless home automation control system company that specializes in transmitting radio waves from a wall switch or a remote control to motor-regulated window coverings.

Do I need to motorize all my window coverings with RTS at the same time?

No, since you can motorize the awnings now, while the blinds later. The biggest advantage is RTS is quite adaptable to home automation systems, thus you can motorize any window treatments as per your needs and changes. Upgrade the installation whenever you want to since RTS successfully guarantees motor automation at any time without glitches.

Which is more expensive: RTS installation or traditional wired installation?

RTS home automation solution is inexpensive, owing to its advantages of powering window treatments without affecting the style and architectural quality of the existing windows. The system eliminates wiring costs, thus helping you to keep the expenses within a decent range.

Can a single remote control regulate all motorized window coverings?

Yes! RTS technology allows managing all Somfy applications for separate windows or a group of window covering operations at a time. This means, you van control all the window awnings or blinds with a single remote control. From rolling the shutters, or interior shades, motorized blinds up to down, you can perform all the automation tasks with ease.

How can I upgrade my wired installation system at home?

Yes, you can do with a simple RTS system. Add an RTS receiver to help centralize your commands so that you can transmit them to the motors through the existing wires. All you need to do is add another RTS product and your wired installation is upgraded for a smart home automation solution.

So, what makes Konzept automation products stand out of the rest?

Konzept Automation offer home automation solutions from many advantageous points. First, you can upgrade to motorized engineering anytime without having to compromise with the existing window treatments. Second, Somfy’s Radio Technology precisely translates wiring systems into automation without any need for electric wiring. Third, there is no need for costly make-overs or architectural changes of your windows for getting an RTS done. Fourth, Konzept ensures significant long-term added values to a property with home automation solution. Fifth, almost all products can be motorized, from lighting systems to interior shades, window treatments, TV screen, etc. Thus, it clearly states why Konzept automation products stand out of the crowd.

What is the warranty of Konzept Automation products?

Konzept Automation offer 5 years of warranty for most of its product lines. The company offers a 5 year warranty on all controls and motors. The warranty period commences from the date the products get a company stamp. If by any chance, the product fails to function within the slated 5 years’ time, Konzept Automation assures the replacement and repairing of its products free of charge. Basically, the company warrants its services and products to be free from any defects within the 5 years’ time.

Why does Konzept apply warranty only from the date of manufacture?

It is because the company is a Distributer of engineering products. Its job is not to assemble the products and therefore, it marks the date of manufacture as a benchmark. The independent enterprises that assemble Konzept Automation products put their own warranty and sales date and conditions on the respective products.

Why Konzept experts are so popular in the market?

Konzept experts offer many qualities for which their services are counted in the interests of customers. The attributes are: 1. The experts get training in the installation of Konzept Automation motors. 2. They have to go through rigorous training courses and if they qualify only then they are tested by the company. 3. Once the individuals are acknowledged by Konzept Automation products, they are recommended for independent retail dealers for the installation and sales of motorized window coverings. Thus, having to pass extensive screening and evaluation tests, Konzept Automation produces skilled men for the market.

How should I recognize the type of motor installed?

Download the PDF page of Motor Range Chart on Konzept Automation website to trace your motor type.