Having a fun gathering with family and friends at the outdoor spaces of your home is perfected with a cool ambience. As the designs and ideas are getting better, you have plenty of customizable options to beautify an outdoor space or deck with the right collection of tables, chairs, sofas, cushions, plants, pools, etc.

Definitely, when having a gala time with friends sitting under the sun, you won’t want to sweat or sizzle, or watch the chosen plants die on the vine. Besides, keeping the outdoor space open under the sky means invasion of insects and rodents, thus interrupting your sense of peace. It is, therefore, suggestible to keep the outdoor area protected just like the inner spaces of your house. Today’s home automation technology has made it feasible to convert any open area into smarter spaces with advanced technologies.

Did you know?

According to The U.S. Department of Energy, motorized awnings and shades are capable of saving energy up to 77% while in use. It should not go without mentioning that motorized outdoor solutions have positive impacts on your home heating expenses. Installing automated home treatments indoor save on your electricity bills, but did you know that having outdoor shades have a similar effect as well? Protecting and cooling both indoor and outdoor spaces is a win-win deal for your home expenses. What are the motorized options you can have for your outdoor deck or area?

Different Motorized Options for Outdoor Spaces

  • Motorized Awnings– We recommend our popular Sunea RTS CMO motor, which ideally suits semi-cassette, cassette and retractable awnings. We help our customers enjoy the benefits of automation engineering with just the click of a button. Its advanced sensor technology allows you to retract the awnings to shield the sun or put off the storm as per your whims. One of the most notable features, the Eolis 3D WireFree RTS Wind Sensor, allows selecting an ideal motorized solution.

Awnings can be used both indoor and outdoor to cover any small part or a sprawling area. Thus, with automated engineering, you can easily transform any open space into a shady retreat with the click of a button.

  • Pergolas– Pergolas are a good choice as they feel an extension of your home. They feel a part of your home’s own structure that can be attached to your house and installed with a motor. A Pergola is a far better option than a flexible awning since it’s freestanding and offers great flexibility.

Types of Pergolas:

  • Adjustable Slat Pergola– It allows adjusting sunlight intensity over a large area. Controlled by a remote control, you can quickly transform the mood and look of your outdoor space by closing or opening the adjustable slat pergola. The motors function quietly, thus not making your guests feel you have installed a shade above. Check out the Orea Motor from us that offers hassle-free operations to the adjustable pergolas that works exactly like the interior adjustable blinds.

We give you the option to customize the pergolas as per your convenience. You may like to have the Soliris TRS sun feature combined with a wind sensor that aids controlling the pergola depending upon the weather changes. Check out our multi-channel Discover Telis 16, which is ideal for controlling all motorized shades, blinds and outdoor coverings with a remote control. What’s more convenient is now more comfortable available in a customized version!

  • Winding Canvas Pergolas– This type of pergola has a simple operation. It functions like a solar shade, staying tight in one place while covering a large area by rolling out neatly. The canvas can be wound up or retracted by a remote control.
  • Folding Canvas Pergola– Are you looking for extended coverings for your outdoor space with a touch of appeal to its overall look? The folding canvas offers an elegant solution with its rich, classy feel. It has the ability to enhance the charm of your house and protect you from all outdoor elements at the same time.
  • Covered patios– Protecting your family and friends from the sun is an amazing way of enjoying fun time under the sky. However, motorized outdoor covering solutions not just protect you from the sun but also from insects and other outside elements. You don’t need to run helter-skelter in case of a sudden downpour. Just click the button and your patio is fully covered. Creating a covered patio attached to your home adds to the benefits of an elegant look and protection at the same time.

Motorized outdoor coverings are available in a variety of options incorporated with varying features. Here, we explore the benefits of the different features of outdoor coverings:

Protects from Rain
Use our rain and sun sensor Ondeis™ for your outdoor space. The feature automatically extends and retracts the awnings as per weather changes. Thus, the awnings provide a cool retreat for your family and friends during unbearable summer days, while it turns into a hassle-free solution during a heavy downpour. Remember, pergola fabrics are usually waterproof, but awning fabrics are not. Thus, with our motorized sensor option, you can manage the awnings safely as per season changes.

Cooking under the Blue Sky
With friends and family around, it feels great to have your cooking experience in the outdoor space while you spend time with them. A covered outdoor space spruces up a perfect idea of firing up the grill without feeling the sun’s hot rays causing uneasiness. Having the covered awnings above you, feeling the hot sun down your neck is the last things to worry about. Boost your outdoor cooking game with loads of fun with motorized coverings as the experience becomes simpler and easier.

Protects from the heat
If you run a search on the internet, you will find the many disadvantages of ultraviolet rays and how they can damage your skin and invite various diseases. However, does that means you will stay indoors all the time and stay deprived of fresh air? Not at all, especially when you have our motorized outdoor covering solutions.

Translate your deck or patio into a shady and cool oasis with just the touch of a button! A motorized awning quickly accelerates the usability of outdoor spaces. Many homeowners feel that the patio or deck may remain unused due to the scorching sun for the most part of the day. With automated covered awnings or pergolas, you have the rightful solution in place.

There are so many ways to beautify your outdoor spaces, but the most important ingredient of all is the motorized feature. Make sure when you are planning to upgrade your outdoor areas with contemporary covering styles, the motorized pergolas and awnings should not skip your list. Apart from adding grace to your home’s overall appeal, these coverings define fun in a new avatar. After all, there is no denying the fact that motorized engineering is an ’in’’ thing and it is here to stay and rule