Our flexible motor design meets the needs for many shading or window control applications. These motors offered in various sizes and technology options can be used on projects of all shapes and sizes. Somfy motors are more economical at the project level as the architect can specify the motor technology required for their specific project and receive competitive proposals from multiple shade dealers. Our standard tubular motor and adapter designs allow you to easily motorize and fabricate virtually any type of window covering. Motors are available in a wide range of drive and crown sizes to support different tube diameters and window sizes.

Somfy motors are offered in a wide range of supply voltages offering specific power solutions for retrofit or new construction projects. Some of the power supply voltages options increase building development flexibility when wiring hard to reach or inaccessible areas.

Ultra Quiet Operation:

  • Low decibel(dB) range of Ultra-Quiet Sonesse series motors
  • Standard motors (require dedicated switch or motor controller) offered in 44 dBA in 4 conductor line voltage (AC) wired versions and 2 conductor low voltage (DC) wired versions
  • Dry Contact motors for direct connection to switch or 3rd party system offered in 44 dBA in 2 conductor low voltage (DC) wired versions
  • Intelligent network capable motors offered in 38 dBA in 3 conductor AC wired versions or 2 conductor low voltage (DC) wired versions
  • Sound levels as low as 38 dBA for acoustic comfort in a wide range of interior applications

Wide Torque Range:

  • Up to four times more than the torque of other motors in the market, available to accommodate window coverings of light, heavy, or lined fabrics in all sizes.
  • Standard motors range from 1Nm to 200Nm
  • Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) radio frequency motors range from 1Nm to 200Nm
  • Intelligent motors range from 2Nm to 35Nm
  • Allows motors to meet a wide range of installation conditions
  • Eliminates the need for complex spring assist devices
  • Reduces project investment by allowing the coupling of multiple shade bands on one motor

Multiple Power Supply Options:

  • 120V AC for high torque applications
  • 24V DC for medium torque applications and class 2 wiring requirements
  • 12V DC for low torque applications and battery operated requirements