The idea of ‘’home automation’’ has been with us since many decades in terms of simple appliance controls and lighting. Only in recent times, the concept has taken a rage over creating an interconnected world that have popularized devices like our smartphones and tablets from which the home systems can be controlled. Technology has given us the gift to enjoy absolute control of your home from anywhere with the use of a remote control.

The pros are many on the list as home automation helps you to manage energy consumption, control air conditioning systems and other kitchen appliances, control cooling and heating systems, electrical outlets, etc. All these decades, home automation contributed to the basic controlling functions, scheduling and monitoring functions, etc. It was limited to a few benefits that you could enjoy. However, the scenario has changed and home automation has taken a huge leap with an innovative approach toward ‘’smart’’ devices and applications.

So, what is Home Automation?
To put in simple words, home automation is described as networked and controlled devices that aim at make your living efficient, comfortable, secure and customized. Isn’t it amazing that you can control the electronic devices at home through a remote control or a smart device? The good news is all automated devices can be easily controlled from one single device, thus making it hassle-free for controlling your home with just a click. The range of controls, however, varies enabling you to either turn on a device or turn it off at a specific time, etc.

There was time when home automation was expensive and difficult to understand. Only high-end homes and commercial buildings could afford to benefit from such home automated devices. The high-end brands of today are, however, investing in the products, making it less expensive with easy-to-understand functionalities. There is no denying the fact that technological advances have made our lives much easier and simpler, though many complain of the complexities surrounding it. Know this that home automation is not a luxury, but a necessity that have advanced the world to the next stage of evolution.

The popular home devices that you may find in most homes are cooling and heating devices, lights, alarm systems, shades and blinds, audio systems, security systems, home theatres, automated sprinklers for a green garden, etc. Now that home automation is within the reach, we explore how and why automation has benefited us immensely.

How helpful Home Automation is? 
The more you research the market, the more you come to know about the various automated products and their uses. As we are living in a fast-paced world, where almost all adults are running to offices, it becomes difficult to take care of homes that stay locked for most part of the day. This is where the concept of ‘’home automation’’ comes that transforms your living experience into a surreal reality.

Let’s give you an instance: Suppose you reach at work and suddenly feel anxious whether you left the door locked or the washing machine switched on, or the stove on? If these questions are plaguing you, there is no option than to run back to your home to run a check. However, this is impossible! What if you can investigate and rectify the errors from your smartphone or tablet at office? Sounds incredible! This is the power of home automation that helps you check the status of the kitchen appliances, security locks, and also have a watchful eye over your children and pets via the surveillance camera on your smartphone.

The choices are many from cameras to security lighting, windows shades to blinds, kitchen gadgets to home systems. It is up to you which option suits your demand the best. Needless to worry, almost all products can be automated. Besides home automation has become much smarter than you can imagine. Let’s take an example below:

Example: The automated thermostats of today are much smarter than you must have thought. There are many well-reputable brands on the market radar that offer intricately designed automated thermostats that pick up your habits and predict the specific directives that you intend to give. Suppose, its cold chilly winter outside and you will return from office at 6.00pm. The thermostat will automatically turn on at 5.00 pm, turning your home warm and inviting before you arrive. In this case, the thermostat picks up an idea of the directives given by you normally on a daily basis and function accordingly in your absence.

Home Automation: The Benefits

  • Safety– Many home automation engineered devices fall in this category. Such devices are meant to make your homes more secure and safer. Other examples of automated technologies are available in the form of motion sensors, automated lighting, etc.
  • Savings- Smart technology has the power to cut down on bills and save your money. The smart devices cut down on utility cost over a period of time by monitoring water usage and energy usage, thus managing exorbitant bills.
  • Control- With home automation power, you can control your home better and run it smoothly from your office or the market without having to present at home.
  • Efficiency- Home automation helps running home more efficiently. The current rage is to turn homes green in many ways and the idea of ‘’automation’’ is a huge leap in this arena. For instance, the motorized blinds or thermostats can work automatically with just the press of a button to control the amount of light to fill in your room or prevent sunlight from entering during summer. Schedule the blinds and shades to raise and shut down depending upon the weather conditions. This ensures energy consumption in the right sense that aids in saving the bills, definitely.
  • Convenience- Home automation technology offers maximum convenience. For instance, you can schedule the smart locks in order to turn on smart lighting when you enter the house or automatically let it turn off when you close the doors. Added to this, there is a spree of many conveniences offered by home automation technologies.
  • Comfort- The idea is to smarten up a connected living. The idea is to create a comfortable atmosphere by including smart technology at every step of your living. Smart automation renders adaptive and intelligent lighting, temperature and sound by creating a suitable environment for a peaceful living.
  • Flexibility- Smart home devices are extremely flexible. With the state-of-the-art appliances available in the present scenario, there is no doubt that more and more impressive models are available. Newer technologies are spreading fast, allowing you to get your lifestyle upgraded to the latest lifestyles of today.
  • Improved functionality- Smart homes allow your home appliances function more tactfully. Smart blinds will help you adjust the entrance and prevention of sunlight as per your convenience, while a smart oven will assist you with your cooking styles. An intelligently designed audio system and home theatre help you experience fun from a different perspective and that too at home. Thus, connecting the systems and technologies with automation engineering makes your life much easier and enjoyable.
  • Home management- Managing your home becomes much better with home automation technology. You can keep an watchful eye over how often you watch TV, how long the air conditioner or heater is on, what type of meals are cooked in the oven, which foods should be kept in the refrigerator, what is the energy consumption, etc.

It’s exciting to see how automation has given a new definition to your life. Do some research on the internet and find good brands that have a wealth of information on automated engineering and its benefits. See what they got to offer on this subject and whether they have a good list of feed backs from customers. Your choice should aim at making your home look and function smarter and more efficiently.