Offices are now places where most employees spend the majority of their time. It is essential that they are designed and built to provide maximum comfort for their occupants’ visual comfort, thermal comfort and quality indoor air.

New requirements for office projects

From small office buildings to major business centers, all office buildings must meet a wide range of requirements.

  • Visual comfort at all times, as everyone wants to benefit from as much natural light as possible, while at the same time avoiding glare and reflections.
  • Constant thermal comfort by keeping the temperature at a comfortable level at all times.
  • Air quality that is conducive to good health.
  • Optimized energy performance that meets new environmental regulations, and allows substantial savings while preserving natural resources.
  • A rapid return on investment as a result of energy savings and reduced operational costs.
  • Sudden variations in temperature are disruptive and tiring. Benefiting from constant thermal comfort, improves personal well-being and productivity.
  • Meeting rooms, open floor layouts, individual offices require different types of lighting. This ensures visual comfort, which increases occupant visual comfort, reduces fatigue and employee absenteeism.

“Companies that have invested in natural lighting retrofit to existing facilities have seen worker productivity jump between 13% and 16%“ (“Greening the Building and the Bottom Line“, Rocky Mountain Institute, 2009.)