SDN Irismo 35 Control Enclosure Kit


General information

The SDN Enclosure Kit for Irismo® 35 receives SDN network communication signals and converts them to dry-contact control commands for operating Somfy’s Irismo® 35 motors. This kit is an all-inclusive solution to add SDN communication to the Irismo® 35 motors. The module receives power from the SDN Bus or Somfy Power over Ethernet(PoE) Gateway. It is configured using the Somfy Motor Configuration Software and offers control commands for open, close, stop and up to 6 SDN group addresses.

Product benefits

  • Control Glydea® (not Glydea® ULTRA) and wired Irismo™ motors (not Irismo™ WireFree) within a stand-alone Somfy Digital Network™ system, Somfy Connect™ UAI Plus SDN system or PoE network.
  • This Enclosure Kit includes the parts to mount to the motor, cable and connector for SDN Low-Voltage Motor Power and Data Cable.
  • One SDN Enclosure Kit per drapery motor
  • Custom design to mount and connect to Irismo® 35 motors
  • Connects to any device port on the SDN bus or Somfy PoE Gateways.
  • Receives SDN commands and translates them into DCT motor commands for open, close, stop.
  • Can be programmed with up to 6 SDN group addresses
  • Configured using Somfy’s Motor Configuration Software or Somfy Connect™ UAI Plus


Power supply – DC – RGE 8 24V

Irismo 35 Enclosure kit spec sheet


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