Power supply and data pass through for all SDN systems

The Somfy Bus and Sensor Station Power Supply provides 24V DC power to the SDN bus. Each Power Supply can provide power to up to 100 bus line devices (excluding motors).


 Versatile Operation

  • Powering a bus using pass-through data:
    • Incoming SDN data will be joined with the power output from the Bus Power Supply and routed to the output port.
    • Function could be used in riser-based systems where the input is likely coming from a repeater.
    • Great for larger systems with over 100 controls or distribution devices, an additional Bus Power Supply can be added in the middle of a wire run.
  • Powering a bus without pass-through data:
    • Power the 120V AC connection using an approved outlet.
    • Connect a bus line directly to the output port of the Bus Power Supply.
    • Sends power out to a bus segment and is used when bus distribution is designed in one centralized location.
  • Power and data distribution for animeo IP sensors:
    • Power the animeo IP Compact Sensor or Sensor Station by connecting the Building or Sub Controller sensor bus output to the Bus Power Supply pass-through input.
    • Then connect the Compact Sensor or Sensor Station’s outdoor sensor box to the Bus Power Supply Power /Data output.
    • One power supply is required per Sensor Station or Compact Sensor in all animeo IP systems.
  • Use during system configuration:
    • The Power Supply can be used as a tool for temporary power while configuring SDN systems.
    • Connect a USB to RS485 adapter (#9015260) to the SDN data pass-through input and the device to be programmed to the SDN Power/Data output.
    • Allow signals from the programming device to appear in the system configuration.
  • A separate Bus Power Supply can be used for 1 Compact Sensor or 1 Sensor Station. The Bus Power Supply cannot be used to power motors.
  • The Bus Power Supply for Somfy Digital Network (SDN) provides 24V DC power for up to 100 controls and distribution devices on the SDN bus.
  • The Bus Power Supply is fault-tolerant, ensuring reliable operation should installation or wiring errors occur.
  • Also provided is a SDN data pass-through input for in-line connection anywhere on the bus without splitters or hubs.
  • For bus segments with more than 100 devices, multiple Bus Power Supplies can be joined through the pass-through connection providing power segmentation without additional wiring considerations.
  • Nominal Voltage / Frequency : 24V DC
  • Length (L3) : 3.50 in mm
  • Width : 2.12 in mm
  • Height : 1.3 in mm