DECOFLEX WIREFREE RTS TABLE TOP Accessory (silver) – 1810972

$80.89 $53.87

Revolutionizing home comfort control

The DecoFlex WireFree™ RTS is table top accessory compatible with the DecoFlex WireFree™ RTS wall switch and is available in a variety of colors and channels.


Comfort & Convenience

  • Convert any traditional DecoFlex WireFree RTS wall switch into a table top control.
  • Instantly create the preferred natural lighting environment with a simple button press.
  • Ideal for  coffee tables, kitchen islands, desks, night stands, etc.


  • Custom engraved button names for ease of use and personalization.
  • Available in 1-5 channel versions depending on your needs.

Easy to install

  • Installs in a few minutes to save time.

Multiple finishes

  • Choose from white, silver or black to fit your stle and preference.

Radio Technology Somfy

  • Compatible with all RTS powered systems, controls and accessories so you can mix and match options to maximize product performance.
  • Length (L3) : 4.75in mm
  • Width : 2in mm
  • Height : 1.8in mm