Sonesse® ULTRA 50 AC


General information

ULTRA Powerful
Its superior torque of up to 6Nm allows the motor to be installed for almost any application on the market. Additionally, the high torque allows for a single Sonesse ULTRA to multi-band up to six shades.
Sonesse ULTRA 50 AC is packed with innovations and patented technologies that provide 6Nm of power and an acoustic performance of less than 38dB- the most powerful and quietest motor on the market.
ULTRA Flexible
Available for a variety of control systems, for all types of spatial configurations in commercial and residential buildings, in both new and renovated projects.



Radio Frequency  RTS 433.42 MHz


Maximum voltage  132 V
Minimum voltage  108 V
Consumption during operation  114 W
Rated current  0.95 A
Power supply  AC – RGE 2 (120V/60HZ)


Torque  6 Nm
Speed  24 rpm
Repeatabilty  +/- 5
Capacity of the limit switch unit (turns)  250
Type of limit switch unit  Electronic RTS
Head type  STAR
Minimum internal diameter  1.85 in


Protection Index  IP 31
Insulation class  I


Wire section  0 in²
Number of wires of the cable  3
Cable length  9.84 ft
Cable type  SJTW
Cable color  WHITE
Cable plug ends  STRIPPED


Unwrapped length  32.4 in
Diameter  1.97 in
Riveting position distance  31.3 in
Minimum internal diameter  1.85 in
Weight (with packaging)  110.25 lb


Noise level (dB)  38 dB
Thermical time  4 min
Maximum working temperature  140 °F


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