DATA PANEL – 1870260


Improved Connectivity for Somfy Digital Network Systems

Adds 4 isolated bus segments to an SDN system. Additional isolated bus segments support up to 255 devices, 4000 ft. of bus wiring per segment, and supplies 100 power units.


SDN 2.0 products are backed by a SDN 2.0 Certified Quality Promise which means these products have been designed to meet the highest standards for Somfy Digital Network system components and validated by Somfy engineers. Systems designed using SDN 2.0 certified products are easier to install, more reliable, and improve overall system performance.


Efficient Power and Data Distribution

  • Increase the number of devices or bus segments in a system.
  • Isolated data distribution is built into the products and offered stronger data delivery throughout the system.
  • Most innovative motor options are complimented with smart power and data distribution devices to improve the overall experience of digital Somfy motors.

Improved System Design

  • Add devices or segments to a system by choosing the best product in the design.
  • Expand the size of any system by allowing longer wiring lengths or connecting more devices.
  • Built in end of line notification provides automatic termination in system which ensures signal integrity.

Simplified Installation

  • Protect wired devices in case power, ground or data wires are not connectly properly.
  • Easily connect components together using the factory printed port labels and the common RJ45 connection ports.
  • System status LEDs monitor Bus power, SDN activity, SDN idle and end of line indication.

The Data Panel is a bus distribution component used to start or grow a Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) system. This device adds 4 isolated bus segments to an SDN system. Each isolated bus segment output supports 255 devices, 4000 ft. of bus wiring per segment and supplies 100 power units. The in-wall or on-wall mountable enclosure offers separated line and low voltage areas for ease of installation. A built-in SDN DecoFlex Keypad provides a dedicated local control point for motors on the 4 bus segments and the included din rail is a convenient way to mount an animeo® IP Building Controller or Sub Controller for animeo IP systems.


  • System status LEDs which monitor Bus power, communication and end of line notification
  • Mis-wire protection
  • Automatic segment termination
  • Provides 100 power units to an SDN system
  • Can mount on-wall or in-wall (between studs)
  • Din rail mount for animeo® IP Building Controllers
  • Front cover includes a keyed lock
  • Separated line and low voltage areas
  • SDN Decoflex Digital Keypad included for convenient local control
  • UL pending
  • Replaces the following products:
    •   (4) 1810816 – Optical Isolation Repeater
    •   (4) 1822440 – Bus Power Supply
    •   (2) 9017623 – 5 port data hub
  • Nominal Voltage / Frequency : 120V AC
  • Length (L3) : 21.3 in mm
  • Width : 16.4 in mm
  • Height : 3.8 in mm