Automated total solar management


The animeo IP Building Controller features a sophisticated graphical user interface and built-in software applications for managing scheduled events, sun tracking, and virtual web-based keypads. An animeo IP Building Controller is required for every animeo IP installation. For larger animeo IP systems (over 200 nodes), animeo IP Sub Controllers must be used.


 Automated Shade Management

  • Raise or lower window coverings based on weather conditions and indoor comfort needs using commands from sensors, pre-programmed settings, or local occupant controls.
  • Reduce dependency on artificial light by allowing more natural light entrance for improved visual comfort and energy savings.
  • Set timer configurations to control shade activity in real-time using the built in astronomical time clock.

System Scalability

  •  Simply add motorized shades or controls to a system using Auto-discovery and the ‘drag-and-drop’ configuration ability
  • Add up to 200 motors per building controller and then add the sub controller to expand the system.
  • Meets the requirements for projects of all shapes and sizes during new construction or renovation.

 Control Flexibility

  • Set automatic functions using active weather monitoring from sensor stations mounted inside or outside the building.
  • Override automated system operation with occupant controls including remotes, switches or smart devices.
  • Allows centralized control of all the motors installed in a building or on site from personal computer stations or remote web access.
  • Integrate with building management systems to decrease operating loads from other building control systems such as lighting or HVAC.

Solar Entrance Depth Management 

  • During active sun tracking periods, animeo IP’s Solar Entrance Depth Management feature will adjust and maintain the solar shade height to limit the distance that sunlight enters the space. This protects furnishings, maximizes daylight availability and minimizes glare on work surfaces and computer screens.
Control Versatility 
  • Programmable wall-mounted keypads, wireless controls and virtual keypads provide occupants control over nearby window coverings. animeo IP can override manual occupant commands during specific time periods (ex: east façade from 8 AM – 12 PM) to keep the building running as efficiently as possible, providing just the right balance of manual and automated control.
  • animeo IP is compatible with existing SDN installations as well as wind, sun and weather sensors, in-wall keypads and wireless sensors, and third party building management systems.

Streamlined Commissioning Process 

  • Auto-discovery of motors and switches expedites installation while drag-and-drop configuration simplifies commissioning.
Sensor Offering
  • A variety of Somfy weather sensors are compatible with animeo IP, including rain, wind, sun and temperature sensors. Sensor configuration and setup is easy using animeo IP’s intuitive user interface.
  • Nominal Voltage / Frequency : 120V AC 60 Hz
  • Length (L3) : 4 in mm
  • Width : 6.88 in mm
  • Height : 1.75 in mm
  • Protection Index : IP20