6100R2 CMO


General information

110 V AC 50 mm standard tubular motor featuring a compact manual overide (CMO), which allows users to operate the motorized application manually when power is not available.  This motor can be plugged into a standard wall outlet or in-wall wired. Standard control options include wired wall switches. 600 Series Motor.



Maximum voltage  126 V
Minimum voltage  108 V
Consumption during operation  430 W
Power supply  AC – RGE 2 (120V/60HZ)


Torque  100 Nm
Speed  14 rpm
Repeatabilty  +/- 5
Capacity of the limit switch unit (turns)  34
Type of limit switch unit  Quick limit switch


Protection Index  IP 44
Approval  UL


Cable length  6.56 ft
Cable type  VVF
Cable color  WHITE


Unwrapped length  26.81 in
Unwrapped product weight  11.97 lb
Diameter  2.36 in
Riveting position distance  26.18 in
Weight (with packaging)  0.01 lb


Noise level (dB)  67 dB
Thermical time  4 min
Minimum working temperature  14 °F
Maximum working temperature  104 °F


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