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Customer 11

By September 8, 2017
We hired Konzept Automation to do all of the windows in our home about a year and a half ago. Alex was amazing. We got a great price and lots of advice. We had a few "tricky" spots we weren't sure how to deal with. For example, my daughter's room had one of those half-circle windows and I knew I wanted shutters but I hated the fan look that I've seen before. Alex was able to show us shutters that fit that window in a horizontal fashion that would mimic the shutters below it. I loved it! Another example was our kitchen sliding door. I wanted something clean-lined and didn't take up space in our kitchen. I had no idea the Maxxmar vertical shades existed. They're amazing! Up and out of the way when you're using the sliding door or just want a clear view of the backyard when the kids are playing outside. But you also have privacy when they're down and the option of some light coming through or complete privacy. The material is so nice and they're pretty inexpensive for such a great solution!
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