Somfy Connect Range of Integration Devices


The Somfy Connect™ expands the capabilities of Somfy systems providing a centralized logic center and communication bridge with third party systems.


 Integration Features

  • Integrates with RadioRA® 2, HomeWorks® QS, Quantum®, and GRAFIK Eye® QS systems.
  • System interpretation includes button press, button release, button hold, toggle and group raise or lower.
  • Able to program Lutron Home Control and communication maps.

Programmable Events

  • Ability to program up to 198 timed events.
  • Features a built in real-time clock for scheduled events.
  • Scheduled events include astronomic timed events and repeatable schedules.


  • RS232 integration connection point.
  • RS485 Somfy Digital Network connection port.
  • 3.5 mm female barrel connector power input.
  • Somfy Digital Network (SDN) and Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) systems are able to interact with third party systems allowing the shading system to become part of a truly integrated part of commercial and residential automation systems.
  • The internal clock keeps time without the need for accessing an external time server and though power loss, ensuring continuous reliable operation.
  • The Connect has Lutron®’s Integration protocol built in allowing Lutron®’s handheld and in-wall controls to operate Somfy motorized applications.
  • A Universal Radio Technology Somfy Interface(URTSI) must be used when integrating Lutron protocol with RTS technology.
  • Nominal Voltage / Frequency : 9 to 24V DC
  • Length (L3) : 6 in mm
  • Width : 3.5 in mm
  • Height : 1.5 in mm