GLYDEA 35e RS485 – 1002109


High performance motorization solutions for draperies

Glydea provides a discreet, flexible and robust solutions for motorizing all types of draperies and with wide choice of control options.


Comfort & Convenience

  • Convenient solution for glare reduction and privacy.
  • Superior performance, reliability and ease of operation.
  • Close and open all draperies with a single gesture.
  • Smartphone and tablet app availble for quick and easy control even while away.

Energy Savings

  • Reduce energy costs and protect furnishings from damaging UV rays.
  • Utilize timers to schedule daily open and close times.
  • Add sensors that react to the sun’s intensity & positioning.

Flexibility and Reliability

  • Extends the lifespan of draperies by minimizing the damage associated with manual operation.
  • Compatible with all types of draperies and broad range of controls, sensors, timers and third party automation systems.


  • Equipped with easy and time saving features such as touch motion, manual override and my function
  • Adaptable to various drapery types, third party controls, curves and bends
  • Clean and discreet design doesn’t distract from the drapery design
  • Motor design and the use of the timing belt provides quiet operation
  • Easy to install and operate