Simple motor control

Control and set positions for a single motor using the ILT Switch.


 Comfort & Convenience

  • Simple manual override when necessary to control devices.
  • Easy to use up, down, and stop functions.
  • Clearly labeled buttons make the control easy to understand.

Connected Living

  • Manually override control functions when necessary.
  • Direct and simple approach to operating projetion screens.
  • Quick and easy connection and operation.
Standard design
  • 3 button keypad.
  • Available in White and Ivory.
  • Standard décor size switch plate .
Simple Installation
  • One outlet used for sending the signal to the ILT motor.
  • One outlet used to connect low voltage(5V DC) power.
  • Uses standard outlet box mounting positions.
Easy Setup and Operation
  • The switch uses a quick 4 steps process to set the limits of each motor.
  • The up and down buttons feature a momentary option to automatically travel in either direction.
  • Pressing the STOP for less than two seconds will stop the motor at it’s current position.